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Pioneering in creating
and delivering in spiring stories


BHD believes in collaboration as key to creating unique and substantial stories of people from around the world of all races and genders.

We use our passion to love, share and inspire, hoping to touch our audience’s heart and to make a difference.

In a constantly innovating world, we choose to adapt and update to all mediums of storytelling in order to reach as many people as possible. 


BHD is one of the leading content company in Vietnam since 1996, earning the reputation as the local pioneer and innovative content creation and distribution company, entitling a lot of “first” in Vietnam’s Entertainment History: 


  • The first Private Content company to be able to produce programs for VTV ( Vietnamese  only National Television Network)  in  1996. 

  • First to distribute Korean Drama series in Vietnam in 1996

  • First to bring MTV to Vietnam in 1997 

  • First Private Company in Vietnam to be able to produce a movie in 1999. 

  • One of the first two companies to produce game shows in Vietnam in early 2000

  • First private company to produce local Drama series  for  TV networks including VTV1, VTV3, HTV7 .

  • One of the first few  companies to distribute Hollywood movies to cinemas in Vietnam in early 2000 with Warner Brothers, UIP, Paramount Pictures… 

  • First company to produce reality shows in Vietnam in 2003 and make it phenomena 2010s.

  • One of the very first company to legalize branded VOD services in Vietnam with DANET (providing TVOD, SVOD and AVOD)

  • First company to produce live interactive mobile game show in Vietnam in 2018


For the past 20+ years, we have been producing and distributing all kinds of video contents from movies for the big screen to TV series, game shows, reality shows and TV channels for Vietnamese Television and now, to digital contents for your personal devices. 


BHD, together with our subsidiaries and affiliates, have the following business segments: 

  • BHD Co., Ltd. : Movies, TV and New Media Content Sponsorship, Production and Distribution 

  • Danet : Legal Branded VOD Platform, Direct-to-Consumer streaming service

  • Vietnam Media : Distributor of Vietnamese Content to the rest of the World

  • BHD Star Cineplex: Movie Theaters 

  • Vietnam Studio: Production and Studio Facility


Film Production

Film Distribution




TV production & Distribution

TV Channel Distribution

Danet – VOD platform

Facebook Content Partners 

Talent Monetization on Digital Platforms

Production for Digital 

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